John W. Mellor

Currently Professor Emeritus, Cornell University and President of John Mellor Associates. Prior to that he was founding Director General of the International Food Policy Research Institute, Chief Economist of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID/Washington,) and Vice-President of Abt Associates. At Cornell University he was Professor of Agricultural Economics, Economics, and Asian Studies, Director of the Comparative Economics Program and Associate Director and Acting Director of the Center for International Studies. He received degrees from Cornell University and Oxford University. He was the recipient of the Wihuri Prize (Finland) and the Presidential Award (The White House, USA) for efforts to alleviate hunger in the World and is an elected Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the American Agricultural Economics Association. He is the recipient of numerous awards for quality of research, the author and co-author of ten books, and hundreds of journal articles and conference papers (largely on economic and agricultural development.)


John Mellor Associates

We are a policy consulting firm that offers strategies, priorities, and action plans for governments and foreign aid institutions.

In operation since 1991 the firm has a small team of widely experienced principals, led by John Mellor. The preferred approach is to work with Ministry of Agriculture personnel to develop a long term growth plan, from that to specify critical short term priorities that will immediately accelerate the agricultural growth rate, and then to follow up on a regular basis to help Ministry personnel modify the plan as initial success calls for adjustments. Frequently the Ministry has a well defined plan, in which case emphasis shifts to getting the few priorities that make an immediate impact and focus on implementation. The firm places special emphasis on mainstreaming women’s participation and leadership. JMA has pioneered in ensuring that the means of agricultural growth are fully consistent with rapid decline in rural poverty. The firm gives special emphasis to the trilogy of research extension and finance for the small commercial farmer who produces 85 percent of the agricultural output. The team covers the full range of food security issues including safety nets, trade, and the role of cooperatives.